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He had never left the ship since he was born, and the world he saw was simple and controllable.There is only sea beyond the ship.People talk and drink on the deck when the weather is good, and go back to sleep in separate compartments at night.One wave will come and the next will come.People think of a boat as a stopover on a journey, but as the main part of their lives.

People on land will search for many things.Playing the piano so good records, concerts, fame and acclaim, holding a large amount of money after the pursuit of a better life, be kidnapped by the people around, be kidnapped by your circle of life, not the four seasons like spring is full of defects and temptations to change kidnapped life.And all of this is the opposite of what he wanted to do in the first place.


Not to prove that I was a better player than anyone, not to applaud the pursuit of a large group of people I had never met, not to gain the reputation of worrying about money and moral entanglements.I'm on the boat. I've been on the boat.And don't envy the ever-changing continent that moves around.In that sprawling city there was everything except an end.There is no end.What I don't see is the end of it all, the end of the world.


As a highly gifted child, he is entitled to be conceited about what he should master, instead of living on other things like other people.As long as there are 88 keys, he is the god who can create, the only king in this space, the master.So again and again he resists the land he has not touched, the endless streets, the rules of the terrestrial world that are beyond his grasp.

He hated being pushed out of control into a big, messy world, distracted by the unknown and perhaps the fear. Even if the girl he loved lived on 7 mott street, he could not overcome the fear and disgust and set foot on the unknown continent.

He didn't need the myriad options on land, the myriad people he would meet, as if he had always loved only the piano and only cared about the girl.


Perhaps, if someone had been willing to accompany 1900 for a simple chat, let him realize that the mainland is not only endless street, but also a lot of warmth, so he will eventually have more than a courage to get off the ship.Unfortunately, the people on the phone refused to communicate with him, and 1900 only felt the strange and timid defensiveness of the land - and this defensiveness, indeed, has filled society.An ordinary introvert might lock himself in a small boat and lead a dull life.But 1900 is a piano genius, even if he did not get off the ship, there are people on board looking for him.

有趣的是,1900曾对Max说,陆地上的人总是浪费时间在问为什么上,可在Jully来挑战他时,他也问道“为什么要对决”。斗琴也是一种社会连接,这短暂的社会连接,使1900更像陆地上的人了。所以内向的甚至是自闭的抑郁的人,并不是异类,如果能给他们机会融入社会,你会发现他们同我们一样,并不古怪。斗琴片段几乎成为了电影史上的经典,香烟被琴弦点燃的瞬间,所有人都目瞪口呆。个人脑洞,烟是灵魂的象征。Jully的曲子,情绪感染力很强,连1900都为之落泪。这也许是因为,Jully来自陆地,体察社会给多,更懂人的情绪。所以当一个灵魂与Jully的曲子相遇,灵魂会和琴曲共同起舞。正如放在钢琴上的香烟,与曲子一同燃烧着。1900的曲子,技巧难度更高(极高啊),是用奇迹的惊艳,来点燃灵魂。但点然后的灵魂并不属于他。他不抽烟,只是点火的人。香烟因它而燃烧,却不属于他,与他无关。1900说自己不抽烟,将香烟戳进Jully嘴里就像平时在船舱里弹琴,他用琴声给人们带来了欢乐,消解了旅途的疲惫,点燃了他们灵魂的香烟。但一曲作罢,旅途结束,随着一声 “America” 的兴奋呼喊,所有人转身离去,内心洋溢着1900的琴声给他们的愉悦,宛若夹着1900为他们点燃的香烟
  1900 was a born pianist who could play such beautiful music without any guidance from others.But he never set foot on the land through the radio to understand the customs of the around, so that just aboard Max fool, he has his own pursuit, he has his own habits, in the ship him more know how to enjoy music, at the opening of the film's most attract people's attention is the Max 1900 led to vomit so entered the hall, rickety boat, but he walked as the ground of stable unexpected idea has brought people great joy.


Sometimes the genius in the story can also be a selling point that catches our attention. It is the loss of genius that makes us sigh. A little child can play intoxicating music without professional training.This in the film is still a mystery, maybe it is because the director is not directly points out we can more infatuated with the playing a good piano, 1900, and a fierce competition become us to understand his art medium, and piano masters title, although know the story about development trend from the start, but makes me wonder in the movie actor is capable of bringing so superb piano so extreme, perhaps as a piano layman maritime pianist to evaluate performance of the scene.The storyline in the film is also very tense in this section, which will make the audience breathless for a while, and it seems that there is a suffocating atmosphere everywhere, an aura that exudes from the two competitors, who were strong at that time, especially the performance of 1900, and there is a feeling that the newborn is not afraid of the tiger.

 His inner loneliness is known by music, just like his language, he speaks life and expresses emotion with it.In one of these scenes, at night, in the ship's reception hall, he plays, his piano swaying from side to side in the hurricane and the big waves, on the smooth floor, to the music, turning left and right, and then gliding.It makes you feel as if his whole body and soul had been merged with the music, the ship and the sea.

In real life, for the choice of others, we may feel strange, just like the film, many people may also don't understand his choice, but, I want to say, no matter who, how to make choice, no matter how absurd, in our opinion is how unwise, how to don't understand, this is his choice.You are not him. You have not experienced what he has experienced. You have not understood what he thinks.
 1900 was a born pianist and a born thinker. He was not afraid of the strangeness of the world and did not set foot on land, for a man who could even die with a smile on his face and tell a left-handed joke would have nothing to fear.He pursues the meaning of life existence, the sea is his world, the piano is his life, the Victoria is his world.Without any of these, he will not be able to breathe normally, just like a triangle. Although the triangle world is the most stable structure, the removal of either side will lead to the collapse of the whole world.1900 said goodbye, my world is in this ship, I can use 88 keys to play music as vast as the sea, here I can see the end of the horizon.


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